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   Looking for help answering a foreclosure summons?
   Do you need an example of how to create one?
   Need to stall foreclosure so your lender can complete a loan modification?

If so, don't spend thousands of dollars in cash to pay a lawyer to do what you can do yourself at home! Create and file your answer today in less than 5 minutes.

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What is SummonsReply?

If you were served with a foreclosure summons in any state, this site will provide you with a template to write your answer as well as a sample summons and answer to that summons written by a certified lawyer and member of the State Bar Association. 

This package will also provide you with easy instructions to take you step by step through the writing process. Lastly, and most importantly, it will provide you with a standard defense.

"This is just what I needed! Provides an excellent template combined with free consultation."-Anthony Tampa, FL

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 Dear Concerned Homeowner,
 Last year, I was served with a foreclosure summons. I was scared and didn't know what to do. I knew that I needed to  respond in order to give my lender enough time to complete a loan modification for me, but I didn't know what I needed to write.
I spent a lot of frustrating time trying to get answers on my own to the questions that I had. What did I really need to write in an answer? How long should it be? Should I send in an answer even if it is already late? This package will answer all of those questions.

In the end, I had to go through a lawyer to write my answer, and spent over a thousand dollars I didn't have to spend, unnecessarily! So I decided to make the process of writing an answer easy and accessible to everyone. Creating your answer takes less than 5 minutes! You can create and file your answer today.

The answer and summons package provides a template, an example summons, and the Answer and Affirmative Defense to that summons, written by a certified lawyer. The combination of the three will give you a clear understanding of how your answer should be styled and also what a proper response is to sample charges similar
to your own. There are also instructions that guide you through the writing process. You will see that with the template and tips, writing your own answer is easy!

If you want to try to save your home, if you want to buy some extra time so that your lender is able to complete a loan
modification for you, or you just want to buy some time in general before you take your next steps; a simple answer is all you need.

Companies and lawyers will charge up to and sometimes more than $3,500 to write an answer to a summons for you! This site makes this process affordable for everyone by offering what you need for the current sale price of just $35.99! 
I know that you will find that it is more than worth it when you and your family have the peace of mind to know that your summons was answered, and that you are one step closer to keeping your home. Best of luck!
Nicole C., New Jersey resident, home saved 2009

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*Disclaimer: The author is not a lawyer or attorney and is not giving legal advice. Even though the information has been carefully researched and assimilated from the best available sources, the author and/or publisher cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the information and or suggestions provided and set forth herein. The author also accepts no responsibility for the filing of your answer or the results thereof of your own filing. This site only provides a template, an example of a summons, and an answer to that summons.

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